Katie, MSEE


Katie, a runner since she was 13 years old, resides in Westford, MA and is the mother of two daughters (or her “little ladies” as she refers). She holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and works part-time on satellite communication systems. She plans on working full time once her little ladies are in school full time.

Katie creates her own training plans pulling inspiration from what she reads. At this point in her running career, she believes cookie cutter plans won’t work for her but will often use the McMillan running calculator to determine her workout paces. Races on her horizon in the Massachusetts area are the Boston Marathon and BayState Marathon.

From the start Katie cranked out high mileage weeks. While in high school cross country she logged around 35 miles a week. She ran competitively on cross country and track teams in college and logged up to 60-65 miles a week and clocked a 5K PR of 18:24. Although she broke away from competitive racing after college she maintained high mileage weeks. Even when she became pregnant she had been known to run 35-40 miles a week during her first pregnancy and 50-55 miles a week during her second pregnancy.  She credits having kids as giving her a higher threshold for discomfort citing a particular marathon she ran eight months postpartum where an illness almost prevented her from toeing the line. She ended up running that marathon in 3:40 despite being ill.

“…much of why I blog about running is to reach out to other women runners. I really believe some of my more recent speed has come from reading about other lady runners. I’ve been pondering the possibility of a sub 3:00 marathon, which I never would have considered before blogging. It might be obvious, but I love running.”

Read more about Katie on her personal blog at http://experimentalrunning.blogspot.com


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