Tracy Beth Høeg, MD

Tracy Høeg

Tracy Beth Høeg, MD was born in Wisconsin but relocated to Næstved, Denmark after meeting her Danish husband. She has two little boys and two older step kids. She has been a runner since age 17 and was convinced by her husband at age 27 to start racing (why would anyone want to run fast?, she wondered, but soon understood…). Tracy is a physician and is completing a clinical PhD at the University of Copenhagen. Tracy ran for Team USA at the 2013 IAU Trail World Championships and is the female course record holder at the Salomon Hammer Trail 100 miler.

Tracy is fascinated with endurance sports and women’s sports medicine. She and her husband continuously work on balancing their running passion with raising four children and working full time jobs. She has numerous prenatal races on her record. During her second pregnancy she ran 6 marathons, including the Copenhagen Marathon 30 weeks pregnant in 4:54. Currently she is trained by elite coach Ole Stougaard from Multitestaand and has a goal of a sub 3-hour marathon. Notably in 2012, Tracy was declared Wisconsin 50K State Champion at Mad City 50K with a race time of 4:09:08.

“I love questioning the norm when it comes to womens’ running and women’s health: Why do we believe what we do? And should we go on believing it? I’m am so excited to  be a part of Über Mother Runner – to share and discuss ideas, problems and opportunities with a group of ladies who – for whatever reason- love running – a lot :o).”

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Featured Work

Writer for Løbemagasinet (Running Magazine)
Lecturer at Marathonsport (Marathon Sport)
Featured in the American Journal of Family Practice and iForm (in Form)
Published in Danish Medical Journal and Wisconsin Medical Journal
Historical fiction novel “Une histoire de la matière, l’enérgie et les habitants de Lectoure”. University of Wisconsin Madison Press
Writer and music critic for Emmie magazine

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