Molly Beth, BA, RRCA

Molly Beth, BA resides in Aurora, IL and has been a runner for 10 years. She is a mom of 3 children whom were breastfed for 2.5 years, 3 years, and almost 4 years. She ran both of her marathons while still breastfeeding her youngest. She is a stay at home mom, a volunteer breastfeeding counselor and also works with animal rescue groups.

Every year she focuses on one major race and several minor races by devising her own training plans based loosely on varying marathon/half marathon plans. This year her main focus is on The Super Spartan Race in Illinois consisting of 8+ miles and 20+ obstacles with the added penalty of 30 burpees required for each obstacle missed.

Molly has a rather impressive physique, and it shows on the gym floor. She can do 14 pull-ups on the first set, squat 170, dead lift 191, bench 121, and hold an isometric plank for 11:30. In and of itself this would be impressive, but Molly has recovered from a history of injuries that makes her feats all the more awe-inspiring. After her second marathon she had hip surgery for a labral tear in 2009.   Subsequently, she injured her shoulder and experienced a great deal of chronic pain that left her exercise regime hindered.  The surgeon suggested surgery on her shoulder, but she adamantly refused to go through post-op recovery again and was willing to try anything non-surgical to get better.  After taking years off of lifting, she had months of physical therapy, e-stim, a-stim, heat, cold, chiropractic care, massage, accupuncture, and tried different diets such as Paleo. Although she is uncertain what ended the chronic pain, the experiences with rehab and varying treatments, both conventional and unconventional, left her with a wide personal knowledge of different treatment options.

“After all of that time off – and not knowing exactly what brought an end to the chronic pain – here I am, no surgery on my shoulder, and back in the gym, lifting heavier and stronger than ever.”

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