Lacy Lynn, BS, RRCA

Lacy Lynn, BS, RRCA, resides in Stevens Point, WI where she raises her daughter who was breastfed for 20 months. She became a dedicated runner seven years ago. By passion she works with beginner runners and mother runners, and by trade she is a systems operator at a bank. She is also the creator of ÜberMother Runner.

When Lacy decided to train for her first marathon while volunteering for Peace Corps in Tanzania, all she had access to was a copy of “Runners World – Complete Book of Running” edited by Amby Burfoot and occasional internet use where the only place she knew to look was at Her initial training involved a significant focus on tuning in to one’s own body, and it is still how she trains today. Nowadays a majority of training runs involve using a stroller (up to 17 miles). For ultra training, she straps her daughter to her back combining babywearing and hiking into a creative training tool for tackling areas the stroller can’t reach and has been known to hike for hours with her baby girl “on board”.  She ran her first two ultramarathons as a member of Team Best for Babes. To this day one of her fondest memories is having nursed her daughter at mile 27 of a 50 mile trail race. Shortly after weaning she finished a below-freezing winter ultramarathon of 35 miles and continues her journey as an ultrarunner despite the challenges being a single parent may bring.

“Sharing the great outdoors with my little girl is what makes me happiest about being a mom. Everything I set out to do is in purposeful effort to create a role model for her and if I happen to inspire others along the way, all the better.”


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