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UMR’s Interview Series: Ann Thomas

Third in our interview series is Ann Thomas from Birmingham, Alabama. She has 4 stepdaughters {Lilly (11), Bella (9), Ava (8), Lucy (6)} and at the time of this interview was 37.5 weeks pregnant with her first, a baby boy.


After the Boston Marathon with husband

Ann has qualified for and ran both Boston and New York Marathons and holds a PR of 3:10.  A year ago, she quit her job in sales and earned her RRCA and USATF certifications as a Run Coach as well as her Personal Training certification from ACE. Working for Resolute Running has allowed Ann to work her passion and train others to achieve everything from running their first 5k to qualifying for Boston.  Her greatest accomplishment thus far has been helping others achieve their goals.

While 13 weeks pregnant, Ann qualified for Boston at the Peak to Creek marathon in North Carolina. Her time, 3:24, was 14 minutes slower than her PR but she says “it was such a special run with my little man”.  She also paced the 2:00 group for the Magic City Half Marathon in her second trimester and helped others run their best race and time.


“Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some are not.”

-Dr. George Sheehan



Before becoming pregnant, what was your life as an athlete like?  While in training mode, I ran 6 days a week, between 65-85 miles per week.

How is training going while pregnant?  The first trimester, I was able to maintain 60 mile weeks on average.  The second trimester, I was down to 40-50 miles per week.  The third trimester, I ran 30-40 mile weeks until week 34.  Now I elliptical and lift weights but do not run.  Although I was able to keep my mileage up a bit, I slowed my pace down by 2-3 minutes per mile from my pre-pregnancy training pace.

What has been the biggest change you’ve experienced running while pregnant?  Having to pee constantly!  I can tell you where every public bathroom is in Birmingham as well as some secluded spots on the trails. 🙂

What has motivated you to continue running through pregnancy?  A desire to stay healthy as well as have a healthy baby.  My OB is absolutely wonderful and encouraged me to continue running but just to slow down.  I am training for the delivery of my little man, not to hit goal times in races.

What are your current training/racing ambitions for 2014?  I hope to run the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in Georgia in November and then run Boston again in 2015.

Any advice you have for other pregnant runners trying to balance it all?  Cut yourself some slack.  There are days where the round ligament pain, fatigue, nausea, or schedules make it impossible to run.  And that’s ok!  Just staying active in one way or another is so awesome and healthy for yourself and your child.  You have to listen to your body and run when you can but also rest when you need to.

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