Ubersourcing: Longest mileage days

Welcome to the first edition (of hopefully many editions so keep the questions coming readers!) of Ubersourcing, where our very own readers answer your questions! Last week on our Facebook page, Stephanie H-C. asked, “Calling all uber mother runners! I am wondering how you accomplish the longest mileage days in your training plans. With kids still riding in the jog stroller, military husband with odd hours and lack of help… It is becoming difficult to complete more than 10 miles at a time. Is it ok to break down a long run into two or three runs during the day? I read Pam Reed’s book (famous ultra marathoner) and noted that she did that back when her kids were small.”

When I’m serious about getting a run in I’ll do whatever it takes. That may mean getting up before dawn and/or breaking the run up. Something is better than nothing but if you can get all your mileage in by breaking it up go for it! I have four kids so its not really possible to take them in a jogging stroller. I have strapped on my garmin and ran circles around my house on several occasions. It beats the treadmill, I don’t need a sitter and my kids still get to play. Sure you look like a crazy fool but I like to call it dedication! -Rachel C.

I try to schedule longer runs during naptime for stroller runs, when the weather allows, and if not, I bring plenty of books, toys, stickers, and snacks, and, like Jen, I often will stop at a playground or two for a break in the middle of a longer run. When my hubby is home, we will take turns to split up our long runs, ex: I run 10 alone, then we run 10 together with the stroller, then he runs 10 alone. -Meghan G.

I feel your pain- I too am a military wife (husband was just deployed twice in last 2 yrs) and have 3 kids (ages 5,3,3) and I run 1 marathon and a couple 1/2s each year. I did a few things to get miles in: bought a triple inline running stroller, a treadmill that has ifit real road maps so it is not so boring and I can get on any time of day/night without needing to find a sitter, and joined the YMCA for the free 2 hrs of daycare per day (and 1 local Y here lets you run out at the park next to it while the kids stay in there). I highly recommend joining a YMCA- well worth the $$. But, I also love my Nordiktrack and that has been worth the investment as well. Good luck to you. -Denise T.

If you are marathon training, you can keep your longest efforts at 16 miles, preferably all at once, & throw in a couple 2-a-days during the week to build mileage (I like to do this on my harder run days…speed/tempo efforts in morning followed by shorter recovery run in afternoon. FYI, the YMCA offers 2 free hours of babysitting and military discounts if you want to take some of your workouts to the dread mill. – Kimberly M.

I run many miles with my daughter in the running stroller and often she sleeps through runs or we have food and books to keep her busy. I will stop at the playground during my long run to let her get out a play to keep her interested if needed. – Jen S.

I did that and logged up to 85 miles/ week this winter with my daughter . I ran her to activities for her such as the library, park, beach pool and we were both happy. It took a lot longer for my elapsed time spent running so I had to plan ahead more for meals, laundry, shopping and such. I’m never going to be a 3 hour marathoner or Kara Goucher but it worked for me and my family. -Jennifer N.


Have a question you want answered? Email ubermotherrunner@gmail.com and I’ll put it out to our readers for tips to help you out!


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