A.M. Power Hour

Why in the world would anyone want to wake up early to do anything much less to exercise? At least that’s been my question for years. I do not workout in the morning. That word does not enter my thought process until 10 a.m. with the exception of race day, but let’s be honest here, I rarely sleep the night before a race so it doesn’t count.

I’m currently on what we will call a “path to enlightenment” and one of the components of it is to reorganize my daily schedule in hopes of becoming more efficient with time management.  I have not been very successful at merging yoga lately into my routine because for whatever reason when my daughter sees me doing yoga she gets scared and cries. I can’t be that bad, can I? That ends up meaning I do it while she sleeps or not at all since my freshly turned 2-year-old is still pretty attached to my hip.

Usually after my daughter goes to bed for the night I stay up to get things done.  Typically though I’m beat from the day, and the last thought on my mind is working out. I wind up on Pinterest in a false attempt of gathering inspiration from the health and fitness board. All of a sudden one minute turns into 15 and then BAM! it’s 11:45 p.m. I finally drag myself to bed and struggle to wake up at 6:30 a.m usually resulting in hitting snooze one too many times. Now I’m late for work (which for me means a lost profit of $10-20). Now I’m crabby, I’m still tired, and not to mention I have yet to workout.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Two weeks ago I decided to start waking up an hour early every day.  Most days I do yoga. Some days I journal or meditate or practice awareness.  I’ve been successful 9 out of 12 days and have experienced a few things since starting my new power hour.

  1. I am far more productive in the wee hour before my daughter rises then in the late night hours after my daughter falls asleep. I’m actually doing something, not just zoning out on my laptop. This hour can be particularly beneficial to mamas struggling to find some me time.
  2. Performing 10-12 minutes of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) immediately upon waking, even before email checking and looking at weather reports or brewing coffee, enhances my daily focus, brings on a bigger sense of calm, and gives me more energy than slamming three espresso shots. Okay, the espresso part is an exaggeration, but I have left the house a few times now without my daily morning java. If you know me at all that just does not happen.
  3. And then there was this moment…

Vrksasana with my daughter

After 12 minutes of Surya Namaskar and only 20 minutes into hip opening poses, I heard my daughter roll out of bed and call for me. As I have been doing every morning, I called out back to her and invited her to join me. I expected her usual fierce head shake in protest but, much to my surprise, instead of a full on pout my daughter walked up to me and asked for my hand. I gave it to her assuming she was going to try to pull me off my deliciously sticky yoga mat but instead she copied my stance. For the first time ever my daughter was doing yoga with me, officially becoming my favorite little yogi.

Wonder what change I’ll see if I keep this up for 100 days?


About Lacy Lynn, BS, RRCA


Lacy has been a runner for 7 years. She is an aspiring breastfeeding counselor and self-proclaimed public health advocate. She runs because the beat of her own pace is what makes her feel alive. Her writing reflects her passion about encouraging others to find out what “inspire yourself” means. Throughout her own pregnancy and the subsequent postpartum months, she noted a lack of information for mother runners like herself and created Über Mother Runner to provide an experience-based resource for those looking.

 Blog: http://lacidtoes.blogspot.com


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